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Our sellers have their say:

“I found the real estate agent I was looking for in Kim.

A real estate agent with a heart for her profession and an eye and ear for the wishes of the customer. I experienced her approach as a real collaboration. We discussed the desired approach, after which she determined her strategy. We made clear agreements and there was plenty of room for contact, back and forth.

Committed, sincere and with a positive energy that benefits the whole process; Koopstek really takes an extra step, with an eye for both seller and buyer. Nice if real estate agents are real craftsmen and just ordinary people ”.

Yvonne Smit 


Selling your home, you don't do that every day! There is often a lot of emotion before the decision to sell is made. New environment, farewell, memories ...
We at Koopstek know the way and help you make the right decision!

Society is changing and you have different requirements for a real estate agent than before. You want a real estate agent who is an expert and applies a creative, innovative and effective approach to selling your home, luckily you have found us!

Nowadays everyone is (too) busy and yet the "selling yourself" of your home is highly recommended. This allows you to save costs and arrange everything yourself, because you can easily do that yourself ... But do you want to do this yourself and do you actually save costs? We now for sure you don’t!

Selling your home is a delicate process. A small oversight or an incorrect negotiation strategy can be disastrous for the final result. We at Koopstek have the knowledge and know-how, are trained in recognizing buying signals, we know the market and what the competing properties are losing out on.

The potential buyer of your home investigates during the viewing, whether he can make the house his own. This is much more difficult when you, the owner of the house, are present. Critical comments or questions about the house are therefore less often asked and therefore a missed opportunity for us to respond adequately.

Let us sell your home! We are happy to visit you without obligation!

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