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In addition to our expertise in rent out properties, you can also contact Huurstek for: financial, administrative and technical management.

Overdue payments, maintenance, a dispute with your tenants, vacancy, responding to a specific market situation. There are countless reasons why a manager can offer you a lot of convenience in the operation of your real estate.

We believe that property management must be taken care of down to the last detail. Improper management can lead to unwanted rental behavior, default, long-term vacancy and loss of income.

Huurstek is fully equipped to provide you with the best possible service. That is why Huurstek is a compact organization with a flat organizational structure. For you this means that you can act quickly and decisively. In addition to decisiveness, a compact organization means that certain tasks are performed in-house, and that other tasks can be outsourced better. We have the people with the broadest experience in intensive management of new and existing real estate.

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