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Renting a property

You can contact us by phone or send an email to Huurstek. An appointment can be made shortly. A viewing is without obligation.

An employee of Huurstek is always present during a viewing. A viewing can also take place in the evenings or on weekends.

Didn't find the right property listed on our site yet? It is also possible to place a search by means of free registration, so that we can keep you informed of latest available properties by email.

What are the costs?

Our listed property’s can be viewed free of charge on our website and can be viewed free of charge, so you do not pay any registration costs!

Does a property meet your requirements? Then respond quickly. Call or email for more information.

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Our method

1: The registration

By registering for free, we can help you find the right rental property that matches your requirements and wishes. You can register online on this website. We will contact you by telephone and make an inventory of your requirements and wishes, after which we will draw up a search profile so that we can search specifically for you.

You can upload income data in your rental file.

Log in at your property file Register at your property file

2: Looking for the suitable rental homeproperty

As soon as you are registered, we will keep you informed of all new listed properties that meet your search requirements. Of course it also pays to view the listed property yourself on our website, where you can immediately request a viewing!

3: The viewing

You can view unlimited and free of charge. You will receive answers to all your questions during the viewing. Viewing a property is of course possible at a time that suits you, including outside office hours and on Saturdays.

4: Do you want to rent the property?

Have you seen the property, all your questions have been answered and would you like to rent the property? We should already have your income and copy ID in our possession and introduce you to the landlord, based on your personal details. After the landlord has agreed, we will arrange the rest!

5: Moving!

After Huurstek has performed various activities for you, we will also prepare the lease agreement and discuss it with you. You pay the first month's rent and the deposit to Huurstek. After this payment, the key transfer will take place in the property where we prepare an inspection report and you can move!

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